controversial question here, do you think krystal hates snsd since they kicked jessica out?

wow, we feel the pressure *yikes*, given that the resources available are scarce and sad, here’s the logical approach we feel answers this question the best that we can!

(random contextual knowledge: Jessica claims she was kicked out of the group – refer to our previous post regarding Jessica’s leaving etc. )

Given that we all know how close the Jung sisters are, it is unsurprising we don’t see any outward display of affection between Krystal and the members, seeing as SNSD and Jessica have not communicated since her statement during 9/30, one can read it as a sign of Krystal standing in solidarity with her sister. However, we believe that they probably don’t want to rouse more areas for fans and the media to pick on – given the Taeyeon vs Jessica reported bad blood incident and the very fact you asked this question. H/r given that they have all been friends for such a long time, we hold the more optimistic view that they are cordial behind screen both with Krystal and Jessica. But, regardless we should still continue to support SNSD, Krystal and Jessica and not take sides even if they do have fueds between them b/c they are all amazing artists in their own right. Also as everything here is speculation at best, since it is unlikely any party will speak up without risking more flame from both sides, so who are we to judge yeah? 🙂 

 hope we answered this as clearly as we could! thanks for the question

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