That fanwar between golden stars and Tiffany stans when…

That fanwar between golden stars and Tiffany stans when both
solos were released was pretty stupid. It was people saying Tiffany was trying
to ruin Jessica’s solo and it was people saying Jessica flopped hard with a
“Disney styled” song. To be honest i think that those things are just plain and
stupid excuses to fight and cause more hatred. Both ladies worked hard on their
solos and slayed in THEIR OWN WAY, and guess what? Both of them were happy
because they were doing something THEIR STYLE. Next time something like this
happens, i just hope nobody starts bad mouthing each other. If you liked
Jessica’s song better, fine good for you, go listen to HER album, if you liked
Tiffany’s song better, then go listen to HER album. What we can’t do is cause
more chaos than what has already happened. In the end of the day, it’s all just
music, it doesn’t have to be that serious to a point where you all start
spreading rumors in attempt to getting people on your side. If you can’t keep
yourself from talking about about somebody that’s an “enemy” in your fandom,
than keep your mouth shut, walk by them as if they aren’t even there, it’s a
lot better than making a big deal out of something so small.