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1 2 6 14 18 19

1. A font you don’t like to use

comic sans lol. and any overly cursive/loopy font since they can be difficult to read. i really love minamilist fonts (my fav fonts to use are arial & calibri LOL)

2. A colour you don’t like to use

yellow. idk why rip

6. A graphic you’re proud of

i guess anything in my quote tag? it’s like a pet project for me since i started experimenting with different fonts to see what looks best

14. When did you start making graphics?

I started playing around with ps in 2009 but i didn’t start making stuff for tumblr till late 2010 on a defunct blog lol. iirc i didn’t learn how to make gifs till 2012 and they were terrible + i didn’t start making stuff for this blog till… 2013? i can’t remember lol

18. How long do your graphics usually take?

edits usually only take a few minutes since I like keeping the coloring & sharpening simple. gifs take much longer and each set usually takes me a couple hours to make so i get tired & bored easily

19. Favourite resource blog

now that i have good handle on how to work with ps, i don’t use any resource blogs anymore. i make all my own colorings (though unfortunately i never save anything aside from an occasional psd with fonts.) but i do use dafont a lot since i’m always on the lookout for new fonts!