I keep seeing people wanting the truth behind …

I keep seeing people wanting the truth behind 9/30,
Taengsic, couples, tts and every “shady” thing in existence. But what
difference will it make? We know that you’re still going to hate on snsd. It doesn’t
matter what kind of statement or backstory sm or the girls give us. You’re
still going to theorize why it’s bullshit and make a million confessions about
how fake and shady it is because of “…” and “…” It’s been awhile now, the girls
are already polishing and establishing themselves as solo artists and lifting
themselves off of snsd. This mess is so 2013-2016 when all everybody would do
is hypothesize snsd’s downfall or spread hate against each other. The only
people here that need explaining to do are antis and toxic solo stans, not
snsd. They don’t owe you shit.