I see confessions sometimes of people hating o…

I see confessions sometimes of people hating on snsd for
being a “sinking ship” and for no longer being irrelevant. Just remember that
kpop is an overcrowded industry that gives groups their time to shine, but when
new groups come in and start grabbing the public’s interest, older groups are
bound to fade away. But, snsd built a legacy and were a Nation’s GG for a long
time, they are one of the legends that built the path your new bias group walks
on, so technically, this “irrelevancy” you speak of isn’t valid in the case of
snsd. Because their name, will somehow, always be brought. Besides, there are
groups that are sinking faster than snsd, and they are always ignored in this
case and even get pity from people(?) Snsd had their time to shine, their
golden era, and your group will have one to. But don’t expect them to be the
top of the top forever.