Taeyeon gets so much hate, and I feel bad beca…

Taeyeon gets so much hate, and I feel bad because most of it
does come from sones. I think double standards are very much a relevant thing
in this fandom. When another member looks sad, everybody is willing to point it
out in a non-negative way. But Taeyeon can’t express the stress she feels in
her day to day life without getting slammed and being labeled as “whiny” I see
all the reblogs and likes these anti tae posts get, and it’s seriously not
funny. If your bias was going thru the same kind of sadness and stress, you
would have no problem supporting or defending them (Which YOU SHOULD) But since
it’s Taeyeon, you got to hate her right? If you are a true sone, then stop calling
her these names. If you are an anti, consider putting yourselves in others
shoes. I’m pretty sure YOU would want people on your side if you were sad or

(Photo credit: Flying Petals)