Taengsic and Taeny in my opinion are another o…

Taengsic and Taeny in my opinion are another one of sone’s
double standards. I see people always feeling nostalgic about the “good old
days of Jessica and Taeyeon running to each other on stage” or how their duets
were “perfect and suit each other’s voices” But when somebody brings up 2
people that clearly have a stronger friendship (aka Taeny) it suddenly becomes
“OH THEY ARE TOO IN MY FACE” So apparently taeny can’t be friends but taengsic
can? Get over yourselves. I don’t ship either of them, but it makes me so upset
how people just shun out Tiffany’s friendship just because of Tae & Sica. I
can’t wrap my head around why people hate on Tiffany and Taeyeon when they are
friends but give Taeyeon praise and Tiffany even more hate when it comes to
taengsic. You don’t get to choose who they should and should not be friends