hiii, just letting you know that she's do…

hiii, just letting you know that she's doing the shoot dance, it's a bit disrespectul to call this "a winner dance" /post/174342679258 thank you.

hey there. of course i know she’s doing a shoot dance. it’s one of those viral dance move. but, the anon requested it as 

Winner’s choreo – the kicking”


i think he/she sees it as a part of Winner Choreograph “that anon don’t even label it as Winner Dance. You’re the one who label it that”

And, I don’t think it’s “disrespectful” for some to view it as a Winner Dance Move. or some like yourself view it as a shoot dance move.

It’s just a dance move 🙂

So, please don’t make a simple things complicated. It’s not that deep