I’m a huge SONE since 2010 but I honestl…

I’m a huge SONE since 2010 but I honestly can’t stand Tiffany. I lost all respect for her after she cropped Jessica out of SNSD’s debut picture on their 9th anniversary. Why the hell did she even take her time to do that? It was so immature and unnecessary. That flag scandal was totally her karma for being such a snake. I’m glad her solo career in SK is dead. I was happy when she left for the US. Her fans were calling Jessica problematic but their own fave ended up being problematic.

I know this was supposed to be a confession but I figured I’d write a reply instead. 

The reason why Tiffany cropped Jessica out for their 9th anniversary is because Jessica is no longer in snsd and sm. They have no ties to each other. They cannot have ANY contact what so ever. (Even if they’re both out of sm, but Tiffany is still in SNSD’s contract). It was not immature on her end. She was following company guidelines. Why would she post Jessica on her instagram when both ends cut ties from each other? Makes no sense to me. So, please don’t accuse Tiffany being immature. (I mean, Jessica didn’t celebrate SNSD’s 9th anniversary on her instagram, so let me attack her, right? No.) 

Now, the flag scandal is at least 2 years old now. Sadly, Tiffany had no idea that the flag on Snapchat was The Rising Sun. (When Japan had control over Korea.) In all honesty, it was Snapchat’s fault. She apologized twice on her instagram but Koreans decided not to accept it; for unknown reasons. She realized she did something wrong and tried to fix it immediately, thus she started her 3 year hiatus from the media. 

Her career in South Korea is not dead– at all. She chose a different career path because she wanted to open more doors for herself and sadly, SM wasn’t treating her with the respect she deserved. Plus, she’s not going to be in SNSD forever; it was time for her to move on. SM only likes Taeyeon and Yoona because they are SM’s biggest cash cows. (Hence why Tiffany, Seohyun and Sooyoung left, and the other members have had very little projects). 

Jessica and Tiffany’s fans will always fight about the stupidest things. As a Tiffany fan myself, I tend to ignore these petty fights. Jessica and Tiffany are great people and both have made mistakes in the past, and a true fan will learn to accept their mistakes instead of attacking the other side.