If black people didn’t make up the shoot…

If black people didn’t make up the shoot dance that group wouldn’t even put it in their choreography they didn’t make that shit up kpop idols stay stealin black culture and never give credit

i understand what you’re saying. sometimes, some of the k-idols did cultural appropriation and they didn’t realized that did it. and continued doing so/

But, what are you saying this to me? to my blog?

I’m just a tumblr blog who fulfilled my anon request. so, if you feel disapprove and hard feelings about this matter,

why don’t you go directly to winner’s choreographer? or something.

ranting to my ask and blog is not getting you anywhere.

ps –  if you still send me an ask about this, imma block you. i dont wanna talk about this matter anymore

thank you and have a nice day 🙂