Admin, Tiffany could’ve chosen another p…

Admin, Tiffany could’ve chosen another picture to post for their 9th anniversary. There were plenty of OT8 pics for her to post but instead she chose to post a debut picture with Jessica cropped out, acting like as if she was never a part of the group. She had more than a year of OT8 pics. Cropping Jessica out was shady af and you can’t see it because you stan her. Imagine if someone cropped you out of a 10 year picture instead of simply posting a new one.

Just because I stan Tiffany, doesn’t mean I treat her like a God.

I understand that people are upset about the fact that she cropped out Jessica of their debut photo but you also have to understand that Tiffany cannot post anything on her Instagram that has Jessica in it because it is monitored by SM.

So please, let’s stop fighting about this and just continue our day.