Send me a Kpop group and a number~


1. My bias.
2. My favourite song from this group.
3. My favourite MV.
4. An unpopular opinion I have of this group.
5. My least favourite member.
6. My favourite ship.
7. My least favourite ship.
8. How I got into this group.
9. One sentence to sum up this group.
10. My favourite era for this group.
11. A tumblr blog that reminds me of this group.
12. My favourite picture of this group.
13. When I first got into this group.
14. My favourite album of this group.
15. My Brotp of this group.
17. The member I’d most like to date.
18. The member I’d most like to be best friends with.
19. The member I most relate to.
20. My favourite clip of this group.