Snsd 4 8 10 & 15 for the ask meme 💜

Snsd 4 8 10 & 15 for the ask meme 💜

4. An unpopular opinion I have of this group.

i’m annoyed about the whole ot8 vs ot9 bullshit. i personally think sm, ot8, and jessica all played a part in 0930. to what extent, i have no idea, but i for sure do think everyone played some role and that no one is completely guilty but no one is completely innocent either. i won’t answer messages about this matter and i really am not here to debate because fandom shenanigans makes me tired

8. How I got into this group.

i was looking for jpop music videos on youtube, came across super junior h’s cooking? cooking! mv and thought the girl (sunny) was cute. did some research and found out she was in a group called “girls generation” and the rest, they say, is history. also this was back in 2008, so the fact i thought sunny was cute in 240p quality is True Love

10. My favourite era for this group.

overall favorite era is but styling wise, tell me your wish was Something Else. the start of Legs Out in ggs, honestly

15. My Brotp of this group.

2ny. but i also adore yoonsun :3