1, 5, & 10?

1, 5, & 10?

1. What was the first song you heard by your bias group? When did you hear it?

for snsd, i’m pretty sure it was kissing you back in late 2008. it’s kind of fuzzy since i didn’t become a full blown sone till gee happened but yeah. for exo it was what is love when it was first released lol

5. Name your top 10 favorite k-pop albums.

oh my god… this is gonna be so hard… these won’t be in any particular order. exo’s xoxo, bol4′s red planet, snsd’s love & peace, iu’s chat-shire, f(x)’s pink tape, taeyeon’s i, red velvet’s the red summer, day6′s the book of gravity: us, iz*one’s color*iz, bts’ love yourself: answer

10. What is your favorite OST by a k-pop group/idol?

anything by ailee, taeyeon, or chen tbh. i love vocal queens & kings