Author: SNSD Confessions

Isn’t weird how you’ll hear people call Jessica
“Sooyeon”, Sunny “Soonkyu” and Seohyun “Juhyun”
but you’ll never hear Tiffany go by her birth name? Yeah, sometimes people call
her Miyoung but I think Stephanie is a really pretty name 

tiffany’s eng music >>>>> her korean

Seohyun is painfully underrated. That girl can literally do anything: dance, sing, pose, act and overall perform (even her expressions have improved)

Am i the only one that doesn’t ship Taengsic romantically?

SeoLady tops SeoBaby without question

‘I Do’ is probably one of Taeyeon’s best songs

2014 Taeyeon during ‘Holler’ era is her visual peak. I swear i’ve stared at those fantaken photos for days.

Run Devil Run was definitely Jessica’s era. Her stage presence then is no joke

Hyoyeon should have gotten waaay more lines as a rapper. I don’t think she should have been first in the line distribution ranking, but she should have been at least in 6th or 7th place. WASTED POTENTIAL

Taeyeon looked absolutely ethereal in the Rain teaser pictures

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