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Sooyoung always had the best dramas, Yoona was not so lucky imao

Im still obssed with Sooyung legs, she is body goals AF!

I was never really into music until I found SNSD in 2014, and they’re still the only group/artists that I pay full attention to.

Sooyoung and SeoHyun’s new dramas look so good! I hope some streaming service uploads it or I’ll have to end up watching them illegaly

With Chen announcing his engagement out of the blue (seriously how did he hide it so well!!!) I’m really hoping the girls are in happy relationships and hoping for some Sooyoung engagement news in the near future!!

Stop saying that Taeyeon is emotionless. Stop saying that Jessica is lazy and a traitor. Stop saying that Sunny only got in because of her uncle. Stop saying that Tiffany is an attention seeker. Stop saying that Hyoyeon needs plastic surgery. Stop saying that Yuri can’t sing. Stop saying that Sooyoung is untalented. Stop saying that Yoona is overrated and “just a pretty face.” Stop saying that Seohyun is boring. Comments like these are why everyone thinks all Sones are toxic.

It hurts me so much that Sooyoung doesn’t think she’s pretty. She has a gorgeous face and I’ve always wanted to have a body like hers, she has the best legs ever. She will always be my queen and I wish she could see how beautiful she is.

It still amazes me how all of the girls (jess included) continue to keep themselves in shape and still be relevant in the public’s eyes, even attracting younger audiences. They are still evolving, always reaching and creating new milestones. This is what makes them the most proeminent group from their generation, and the best group from all the generations.

I wish I would’ve seen the girls perform ‘Mr Taxi’ in pink outfits

Sorry to break many hearts but in my opinion, Sooyoung is not that talented. She has an average vocal level and dancing. She is a better actress than an idol. She is not that important for me in this group. I remember seeing an interview in 2014 (USA concert) and didn’t even notice that a member was missing. Until now, sones still talk about Jessica and its a fact. She was a main and really famous member but if it was Sooyoung who was kicked out, I am sure nobody would talk about her. Yes she worked hard for the group but I don’t see her impact in GG but she seems insignificant for me. I follow the model and actress but not the idol.