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Hyoyeon should have gotten waaay more lines as a rapper. I don’t think she should have been first in the line distribution ranking, but she should have been at least in 6th or 7th place. WASTED POTENTIAL

Taeyeon looked absolutely ethereal in the Rain teaser pictures

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I wish snsd had at least one super hardcore concept. They’re probably the only group i know that has been able to pull off any concept.

It still amazes me how all of the girls (jess included) continue to keep themselves in shape and still be relevant in the public’s eyes, even attracting younger audiences. They are still evolving, always reaching and creating new milestones. This is what makes them the most proeminent group from their generation, and the best group from all the generations.

The word Goddess is insufficient for Yoona TOPSTARNEWS

Okay so basically RFYL is a lovechild between Gaga’s Judas, Rihanna’s Where have you been and a slighty ity bity part from Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics and i dont complain at all ( even tho it seems a bit unfinished at some points )

bring back soshified- the most reliable source for snsd on shows and other things );

I’m so glad Tiffany is coming back to Korea again, she’s been away for so long- p.s. ik she’s did a concert but it’s good to see her back on shows !!

I just think it’s crazy how Jessica has all these potentials and she could be making some amazing music of the different genres. She’s been so busy, her unfiltered photos show how exhausted she is. Call Me Before You Sleep wasn’t that great, but her voice makes up for that. If she has the time, she’d snapped. Disney music or whatever you guys call it, let the woman breath.

There’s not a girl group that can touch SNSD for me, and it’s great to see them all doing their own thing and thriving, but ever since Jessica departed there’s always been that little nagging doubt of “what could have been”, the “butterfly effect” it had on k-pop and I’ve never been able to let it go (and I’ll admit, I’m not really over it). To have them all back together as a nine, just the once, would not only be amazing to see but I think would give a lot of people real closure. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it happens one day, I’ll always live in hope and support them all. SNSD forever!