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890922 ♡ happy birthday to kim hyoyeon! #BadsterHYODay

SNSD is immortal

Hyoyeon is so underrated. She’s so talented in rapping and dancing, but I feel that SM did her dirty by giving her the least lines throughout all of SNSD’s discography through the years. And her solos weren’t as hyped as much as Taeyeon/Tiffany’s solos. Even though she isn’t a main or lead vocal, I still prefer her rough, husky voice more than a majority of the other members. But unfortunately, it sucks that people care about the other members more cuz she isn’t a visual/center.

i’ve always thought if the girls got promoted better (or sometimes at all) in the last few years they would have continued to be the unbeatable girl group of kpop.

tiffany!! tiffany!!!! TIFFANYYY!!!!

i just really miss snsd. i know they all have their own schedules and their own lives but i wish i could see them all together spending time with each other and bonding as a whole team for more than a day or something. i wish snsd could feel like family again

id rather have snsd release a new Japanese album than a Korean one

1920 x 1280

1800 x 1200

taeyeon_ss: 소녀시대 12살 ♡