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SNSD is immortal

i swear yoona’s bangs lasted like 5 minutes

I still can’t believe Sooyoung didn’t get the visual position along Yoona

Yoona looks stunning in her new comeback pictures.

As a sone, some “fans” really take it to far. Especially Yoona solo stans are so offensive and the only thing they seem to care about is her beauty and nothing else. When I said that I consider MK a cheap brand, but I was happy for Yoona because this endorsement is a big thing, I literally got cursed at and called a hater and poor. This is so annoying and really get a life people.

Why do they always dress poor Yoona like an ahjumma?

I don’t really have anything against Yoona (I think she’s a great girl), but ‘Lil Touch’ doesn’t suit her at all. Her lines, in my opinion, were the most boring and repetitive and I don’t know- she just didn’t look like she was actually there. She looked so… dull and expressionless?

remember when leeteuk wanted to marry yoona? 


I don’t really like Yoona for her looks, but she’s such an angel.

yoona may not have been underrated back then and sure she’s the face of the group, but now i consider her to be in the same boat as hyoyeon, yuri, sunny, and sooyoung. they all don’t get enough lines and are overlooked as some of the most talented people.