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Am i the only one that doesn’t ship Taengsic romantically?

Run Devil Run was definitely Jessica’s era. Her stage presence then is no joke

Okay so we got the hint that Tiff and Jess are in good terms, but what about Tae and Jess? Huh? Did everything really dissolve like that?

It still amazes me how all of the girls (jess included) continue to keep themselves in shape and still be relevant in the public’s eyes, even attracting younger audiences. They are still evolving, always reaching and creating new milestones. This is what makes them the most proeminent group from their generation, and the best group from all the generations.

I just think it’s crazy how Jessica has all these potentials and she could be making some amazing music of the different genres. She’s been so busy, her unfiltered photos show how exhausted she is. Call Me Before You Sleep wasn’t that great, but her voice makes up for that. If she has the time, she’d snapped. Disney music or whatever you guys call it, let the woman breath.

No girl group has replaced soshi from being the funniest and dorkiest. They’re still the queens of variety to this day.

I wish I would’ve seen the girls perform ‘Mr Taxi’ in pink outfits

Jess looks like she has a different face in every angle

Can’t life just give Jess a break?

I don’t understand who Sones can bash Jessica for “Disney music” It’s the same bubblegum pop and girly that SNSD released before she left the group and after Lion Heart, Party, Holiday, Green Light, Girls Are Back, Sailing etc ring any bells?