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Am i the only one that doesn’t ship Taengsic romantically?

‘I Do’ is probably one of Taeyeon’s best songs

Taeyeon looked absolutely ethereal in the Rain teaser pictures

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I’m so sad Tae didn’t voice Elsa in the film

It still amazes me how all of the girls (jess included) continue to keep themselves in shape and still be relevant in the public’s eyes, even attracting younger audiences. They are still evolving, always reaching and creating new milestones. This is what makes them the most proeminent group from their generation, and the best group from all the generations.

(Not to be mean) I don’t think Sulli’s death affected TaeYeon half as much and JongHyun’s did and I am sooo glad that’s the case, because I don’t think TaeYeon could handle it.

Taeyeon’s hair color during Party era is the best thing ever to have existed!

I know SHY are known to be the funniest members of the group, but Taeyeon was also one of the aces of soshi in terms of variety shows back when they were in their prime. But for real though, all of them are crackheads lmao

I really need Taeyeon to cover Hozier

taeyeon could be doing so much more but i feel like she’s holding back on us sones