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annie… thank you so much for continuing to make snsd gifs. im so happy seeing snsd gifs on my dash. love you and take care

thank you for your kind words. truly made my day

in britain fany (fanny) is a slang word for vagina…

just kidding,

i know about it, a few years back. but

my definition of fany is

what tara scandal is you recent gifset talking about??

it was the bully incident back then. 

hi! I just wanted to say (please don't get angry) but the way you colored your gifs makes them very bad quality 🙁

thank you for your constructive criticisms. but, sis.. tbh.. i just dont care #MyGifsMyWay 🙂


hey there :’) Just dropping by to tell you that your gifs are amazing and your blog is awesome! I hope you’re having a great day so far and if not, then just hang in there, take a deep breath and try to relax 🙂

thank you. i did. i had an awesome weekend so far. and thank you for your kind words. i hope you have a great day, everyday too 🙂

thank you so muchh for including jessica in your girls’ generation’s 12 years anniversary event. this meant alot for us, real ot9 sone.

np 🙂 she is and always will be apart of snsd. in my heart and soul, sica is still one of my 9 babies

just wanna say thank you for your continuously effort in producing such beautiful gifs esp the queen of kpop, SNSD!!

of course, i wanted to do something for their 12 years anniversary. im glad i am not lazy… glad i did something for all 9 girls.. my queen

Hi there, please don't take this the wrong way — the gif set in post/186716536457 – is it meant to say "What is adulthood" "The thing I HATE the most."? Because the thing I had the most makes no sense in English.

yes. it was a SIMPLE mistake. can’t change it cause i delete the frame. but, i think anyone can guess the right wording for it. thanks for informing 🙂

hello! i don't really know you but thank you for tagging me (#userjoyce) on your frozen 2 gifset! also i see that you like snsd (i'm assuming you stan tiffany from your url!) and i gotta say i was a big fan! my fave was and still is jessica though :3 have a wonderful day/night!

hi 🙂 no problems. of course tiffany’s no 1 girl here’s ! woahh.. same. i love jessica, always and forever. have a nice day too

minus fany and sunkyu. if the two of them are there, it would have been PERFECTO

i know right ! don’t worry. pany is here in korea. im sure we’re getting something for their anniversary in august.