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TAEYEON The 2nd Album Repackage [Purpose] #1




christmas with taeyeon.


look guys it’s not math. all you have to do is just RESPECT THE CREATOR’S WISHES. IT’S THEIR CONTENT!!!!! if the creator doesn’t want you to repost their work, don’t do it. 

let’s put it in a term that you’ll all understand. let’s say the singer wrote a song and posted it for people to listen. then another person takes a snippet of that song, posted it without crediting them, then say it’s their song. is that fair??? no. another way to think about it is fanart, the artist drew it, took hours or even days to finish it so that they can post. then someone else takes it and reposts it without their permission then act like it’s their fanart. do you see how that’s not okay????

for those of you who don’t know what’s going on. a lot of twitter users are reposting tumblr gifs from tumblr content creators without permission or credit. if you are one of those people, please feel free to unfollow me because i do not allow reposting of my gifs and i will never support reposters. 

for those who want to support tumblr content creators, here are some things you can do:

  • tell the tumblr content creator via ask or dm them with the link to the tweet
  • reply under the tweet with the link to the original tumblr post and tell the twitter user that the creator does NOT allow reposts of their work and ask them to delete it. the more replies about that, the more likely they will delete their reposts.

for those who make content, these are some things that you can do to help protect your gifs:

for those who can’t make their own content but still want to post something:

  • ask for permission. if the creator says “no” then do NOT do repost. respect their work and decision. it’s not like it’s going to end you if you don’t repost someone else’s work. 
  • if the person is kind enough to allow you to repost, CREDIT them. you can do that by linking their twitter, tumblr, and ESPECIALLY their original post.
  • make your own content. if you don’t know how, there are a ton of tutorials. here’s a list of resource to help you get started

it takes hours to finish a GOOD gifset so please don’t just go around reposting other people’s work. thank you~


8 arms, 1 braincell


↳ Previous record was 38k with ‘White Wind’




the moment all our hearts broke


100430 snsd oh


(191117) hwasa ♡ ten nights