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Do you have a google drive that you can share us the pictures of SNSD?


Your first follower is kinda drunk, and he likes to send nice anons when he's drunk. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. I went to see the Downton Abbey movie today.

hope you stay safe while you sober up! this weekend was alright, it’s super hot here so i haven’t left my house unless absolutely necessary LOL

Sunny is my girlfriend, AMA!

we’re all sunny’s boyfriends

Your first follower again~ I hope my favourite Sunny blogger is well.

hello again!!!! i’m doing very well, thank you!! ♥

unusual(ish) asks #20, your blog in 5 words

all for queen lee soonkyu <3

I would ask number one, but I think everyone already knows the answer. 😛

1. who’s your celebrity crush?

jokes on y’all, i don’t have one LOL

Do you have a Mukbang Sunny set? Where she is eating a lot?

there’s a few if you search ‘mukbang’ on my blog ^^

I only got into KPop in late 2012 and I hardly listened to IU except for "Good Day" back in my early days as a KPop stan BUT since that time, I've come to really adore her early concepts as well! The whole "Growing Up", "IU…I'm", "Real" and "Last Fantasy" albums are really great for me!

omg that’s great!!! watching her growth from her early concepts (and the image her company wanted) to the artist she is now with more control over her own music, i can’t help but be so proud by how far she’s come. she’s showcased her growth as not only an artist, but as a person ;;;; i just really adore her

20 for the ask game 🤗

20. Who is your favorite soloist?

iu!!! i just love her personality and how much she’s grown as an artist over the years (been following her since her boo days, if anyone even remembers her super cutesy concepts lol)


7. What is your favorite k-pop choreo?

into the new world!!!! especially the remix version. i just get goosebumps whenever i see the choreo for this iconic bop.