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Hi! I'm sorry to bother you! What is the tv show where they ask sunny what is her 19+ charm point and she yells about her chest? I've never seen that variety show or segment before? And if you do know can you provide a link with subs?

it was on episode 3 of channel soshi! you can watch it here~

I'm sort of hoping Sunny becomes a full-time variety queen. It's where she really shines as she has such a strong personality and a great sense of humour. She deserves her own show(s) and lots of hosting gigs tbh

yes, yes yes!!! I wish she gets a regular appearance variety show again soon. she’s always a fantastic host too!!! she has that kind of personality that just shines in those environments. i would also love to see a return of SoonDJ one day, or maybe another musical

awww I can't say I'm a huge fan of sunny but I absolutely like her and love her voice I wish her to continue singing ;__;

yeah, sunny isn’t everyone’s cup of tea & i totally get that!!! but i’m glad you appreciate her vocals, they’re entirely too underrated imo ;_____;

I love Sunny, but I'm kinda happy that she's retired. She's done it because she wants to, so she can relax and spend time both by herself and with her friends and family. She's happy, so I'm happy.

sunny hasn’t retired tho? she still does variety shows and attends events & the like. however, i do think she’s definitely taken a step back from being in the limelight. i personally don’t think it’s JUST because she’s tired, but i do know a huge factor is because of her reoccurring knee issues makes it difficult for her to perform, especially concerts. what matters is that she’s healthy & happy in my book, though i do wish she’d update her instagram more often LOL

do you think sunny would go solo?

probably not. she’s mentioned a few times she isn’t planning on going solo or going into acting before so i’m not expecting it any time soon lol

Sunny has such amazing vocals on Oh!GG I was so surprised! Wish she got more parts in group promos ):

UGH, AGREEEEEEED. she definitely has the vocal ability to do a wider range of things, but sm keeps sticking her with the more cutesy, high-pitched, nasally parts. her solo during her musical “catch me if you can” is so haunting, it gives me goosebumps every time. she has a very clear voice, emotes very well, and has a rather wide range as a soprano too. if anything, they need to give her more osts. she holds her own during her & taeyeon’s duet “this must be love” for the kdrama heading to the ground (circa 2008 but my point still stands) + her duet with luna “it’s me” for the kdrama to the beautiful you. i absolutely adore sunny’s vocal color and i think it’s such a shame she isn’t utilized to her full abilities beyond special projects (re: U&I, heart throbbing, first kiss)

Nowadays it's rare to find exclusive blogs from 2 gen of kpop so I would like to Thank you so so much for providing sunny content 😍 mwuah 💕

i’ve never really noticed, but you might be right! regardless, thank you so much for this kind message!!! i’ve been really behind on making content so this really made my day <3

hey I’m sorry that that anon was rushing you ): just wanted to send a quick message saying I appreciate your blog so much! I’ve been following for a long time and I always enjoy seeing your posts on my dash (: keep it up!!

aww, thank you for always supporting me & this sunny blog! it means a lot, and I’m truly grateful for you and many others who are always so patient & kind

bro that anon is so rude im sorry.. take your time making gifs you dont owe anyone anything! thank you for providing us sunny content when you can

thank you!!!! i feel bad that it takes so long for me to get content out for sunny, but with working full time & just being tired 90% of the time, and sunny’s variety shows being 1+ hours long each episode, i honestly just don’t have the time & motivation to sit down and watch stuff. and then make gif sets, which can take 3+ hours depending on how many gifs I want to make. it’s exhausting & when people are being mean & rude…. lol.


wow. are you always this rude to content creators? because being rude & demanding motivates people to do things lol. NOT. it’s 2020, do better & learn some manners or better yet, make your own gifs. i’m sure there’s an online gif converter somewhere you could use