Category: Run Devil Run

Run Devil Run was definitely Jessica’s era. Her stage presence then is no joke

Sunny? Run Devil Run era? Fucking goddess.

Hyoyeon’s raspy voice was perfect for Run Devil Run and she should have had WAY! more lines, whether singing or spitting fire, in the song. She was ROBBED.

Run Devil Run is still one of their best songs, but the music video is horribly outdated.

Even though Tae’s rock version of RDR is one of the best
things to grace this earth, I do wish the other girls had an opportunity to do
something like that in the concerts. Just little minute and a half intros to
their title songs would be perfect.

I honestly don’t understand the Sones who complain that SNSD
“peaked” in 2010/the RDR era. If you can’t bring yourself to enjoy
anything the group has released over the last 6-7 years, why are you still
wasting your time in this fandom?