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Tiffany better thrive next year, she’s literally putting out music that is Ariana Grande quality !!!!!

Can’t life just give Jess a break?

Sunny? Run Devil Run era? Fucking goddess.

taeyeon could be doing so much more but i feel like she’s holding back on us sones

seo with orange hair was superior

Sorry to break many hearts but in my opinion, Sooyoung is not that talented. She has an average vocal level and dancing. She is a better actress than an idol. She is not that important for me in this group. I remember seeing an interview in 2014 (USA concert) and didn’t even notice that a member was missing. Until now, sones still talk about Jessica and its a fact. She was a main and really famous member but if it was Sooyoung who was kicked out, I am sure nobody would talk about her. Yes she worked hard for the group but I don’t see her impact in GG but she seems insignificant for me. I follow the model and actress but not the idol.

I love Tiffany but Magnetic Moon was really disappointing. I thought the music video was stunning and I loved the concept, but it doesnt even sound like her or that she is singing. Whatever vocals are used are heavily layered with editing and it just made me sad because I was really hyped up for that comback:(

I really don’t like Flower Power that much, but I still listen to it because the ‘butterfly pooped a spider’ line cracks me up everytime.

I don’t understand who Sones can bash Jessica for “Disney music” It’s the same bubblegum pop and girly that SNSD released before she left the group and after Lion Heart, Party, Holiday, Green Light, Girls Are Back, Sailing etc ring any bells?

Imagine how big Jessica could have been if SM didn’t blacklist her