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After gaining a bit of weight, tae, tiff and yoona look so much more radiant and healthy

So Jessica’s book is about a idol of a 9 member girls group and in the back of my mind I can’t help but think she is milking SNSD… over 5 years after not being a member. /:

I wonder why sunny feels this excessive need to retreat herself from the public and us, sones. Same goes for taeyeon

I desperately need to see punk/rock taengoo

Taeyeon deserves bigger arenas for her concerts

With Chen announcing his engagement out of the blue (seriously how did he hide it so well!!!) I’m really hoping the girls are in happy relationships and hoping for some Sooyoung engagement news in the near future!!

All Night/Holiday was one of my favorite eras. 🙂

The new insta video yuri posted of her getting her makeup done for the ‘into you’ promotions reminded me of how much of a visual she is

Stop saying that Taeyeon is emotionless. Stop saying that Jessica is lazy and a traitor. Stop saying that Sunny only got in because of her uncle. Stop saying that Tiffany is an attention seeker. Stop saying that Hyoyeon needs plastic surgery. Stop saying that Yuri can’t sing. Stop saying that Sooyoung is untalented. Stop saying that Yoona is overrated and “just a pretty face.” Stop saying that Seohyun is boring. Comments like these are why everyone thinks all Sones are toxic.

It hurts me so much that Sooyoung doesn’t think she’s pretty. She has a gorgeous face and I’ve always wanted to have a body like hers, she has the best legs ever. She will always be my queen and I wish she could see how beautiful she is.