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wow. mamamoo was robbed. taeyeon was robbed. my girls deserved better 😑😥😫😪

oh, i just wanna say thank you to everyone who followed me (it has been hard to maintain and juggle this acc, thank you for patiently waiting for me)

i promise i will do all the requests soon and just wanna say, i reached another milestone, thanks to you guys (have a nice day)

i am shocked. speechless. 


back at uni. OFF for a while (still, will be posting from my drafts)

seriously first tiffany and now, my jennie gifs set is remarked as flag. i know their hotness is too much for tumblr to handle but, please calm yourself

*seriously dear tumblr, until when you’re going to mark every tiffany post as flagged! 


what’s up with random blog tagging p”rn stuff on my gifsets.

i will be taking some time off. i need to be ready for my pre-viva. wish me luck 😭

fck. why ?


if you like a post from your mutuals, but you can’t see it in you “liked”

does that mean that person blocked you ?

or tumblr is just glitching ?