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Isn’t weird how you’ll hear people call Jessica
“Sooyeon”, Sunny “Soonkyu” and Seohyun “Juhyun”
but you’ll never hear Tiffany go by her birth name? Yeah, sometimes people call
her Miyoung but I think Stephanie is a really pretty name 

tiffany’s eng music >>>>> her korean

It still amazes me how all of the girls (jess included) continue to keep themselves in shape and still be relevant in the public’s eyes, even attracting younger audiences. They are still evolving, always reaching and creating new milestones. This is what makes them the most proeminent group from their generation, and the best group from all the generations.

I’m so proud of Tiffany and what she’s doing! I’ve actually enjoyed all of her songs so far. The only thing I don’t like is the effects she puts over her voice in the songs. like in magnetic moon and rfyl. good songs, but the effects are so distracting. her voice is so nice, why does she alter it? 🙁

Okay so basically RFYL is a lovechild between Gaga’s Judas, Rihanna’s Where have you been and a slighty ity bity part from Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics and i dont complain at all ( even tho it seems a bit unfinished at some points )

I’m so glad Tiffany is coming back to Korea again, she’s been away for so long- p.s. ik she’s did a concert but it’s good to see her back on shows !!

No girl group has replaced soshi from being the funniest and dorkiest. They’re still the queens of variety to this day.

I wish I would’ve seen the girls perform ‘Mr Taxi’ in pink outfits

Tiffany has been dropping music non-stop and I know how good it feels to be free from such a restricting company like SM and I know she feels empowered etc etc but I think she should take time and focus a bit on the music. Remember, quality over quantity.

Similar Confession(s): Tiffany has been putting out so much music, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t complain, but if she focused more on the song quality (not quantity) and actually creating a graspable theme/aesthetic around her albums she would be way more out there. But also her management is shit at promoting. You can do better Tiff, we believe in you.

I wish Tiff would rap more