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Tiffany better thrive next year, she’s literally putting out music that is Ariana Grande quality !!!!!

I love Tiffany but Magnetic Moon was really disappointing. I thought the music video was stunning and I loved the concept, but it doesnt even sound like her or that she is singing. Whatever vocals are used are heavily layered with editing and it just made me sad because I was really hyped up for that comback:(

SNSD is immortal

I really tried to get into Tiffany’s new music but I just can’t. It just sounds very basic and boring to me. 🙁

I really like how creative Tiffany is with the names. ‘Open Hearts Eve’ and ‘Magnetic Moon’ sound so mystical and fairytale-like. Pure loveliness ♡

i’ve always thought if the girls got promoted better (or sometimes at all) in the last few years they would have continued to be the unbeatable girl group of kpop.

i just really miss snsd. i know they all have their own schedules and their own lives but i wish i could see them all together spending time with each other and bonding as a whole team for more than a day or something. i wish snsd could feel like family again

tiffany’s tattoos are so sexy ㅜㅜ

id rather have snsd release a new Japanese album than a Korean one

Tiffany absolutely rocked the Twinkle era and I always loved the fact that she was a part of the sub unit