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After gaining a bit of weight, tae, tiff and yoona look so much more radiant and healthy

Stop saying that Taeyeon is emotionless. Stop saying that Jessica is lazy and a traitor. Stop saying that Sunny only got in because of her uncle. Stop saying that Tiffany is an attention seeker. Stop saying that Hyoyeon needs plastic surgery. Stop saying that Yuri can’t sing. Stop saying that Sooyoung is untalented. Stop saying that Yoona is overrated and “just a pretty face.” Stop saying that Seohyun is boring. Comments like these are why everyone thinks all Sones are toxic.

I appreciate Tiffany. A whole lot.

stay home and stay safe ♡




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Isn’t weird how you’ll hear people call Jessica
“Sooyeon”, Sunny “Soonkyu” and Seohyun “Juhyun”
but you’ll never hear Tiffany go by her birth name? Yeah, sometimes people call
her Miyoung but I think Stephanie is a really pretty name 

tiffany’s eng music >>>>> her korean