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Isn’t weird how you’ll hear people call Jessica
“Sooyeon”, Sunny “Soonkyu” and Seohyun “Juhyun”
but you’ll never hear Tiffany go by her birth name? Yeah, sometimes people call
her Miyoung but I think Stephanie is a really pretty name 

tiffany’s eng music >>>>> her korean

Okay so we got the hint that Tiff and Jess are in good terms, but what about Tae and Jess? Huh? Did everything really dissolve like that?

I’m so proud of Tiffany and what she’s doing! I’ve actually enjoyed all of her songs so far. The only thing I don’t like is the effects she puts over her voice in the songs. like in magnetic moon and rfyl. good songs, but the effects are so distracting. her voice is so nice, why does she alter it? 🙁


question : the last SNSD’s member talked to?


Tiffany Youngs Tour Bus Travel Routine +


Okay so basically RFYL is a lovechild between Gaga’s Judas, Rihanna’s Where have you been and a slighty ity bity part from Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics and i dont complain at all ( even tho it seems a bit unfinished at some points )

I’m so glad Tiffany is coming back to Korea again, she’s been away for so long- p.s. ik she’s did a concert but it’s good to see her back on shows !!

question : how do you make your legs so long in the music video (rfyl mv)