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pretty dubu for anon 


twice’s rainbow of hair colors🌈
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Don’t get my wrong, I absolutely adore the girls of twice, but it is so obvious that jyp is copying all of snsd’s concepts. I don’t understand why once’s get angry bc it’s not like the members choose the concepts. They’re like “oh snsd owned ___ concept?” Of course not, but what other group has consecutively comeback with similar concepts? -.- I actually have a theory that jyp waited 7 years (the time most groups disband) to debut a similar group.

my favorite female idol releases from 2018*:・゚✧

nayeon // dance the night away (180718) +


Twice and snsd barely have anything in common… and I think it’s super rude that sones have the nerve to call them a copy and paste. The only thing they have in common is having nine members. None of their concepts match snsd’s… none of their personalities… snsd themselves have said they love how ggs have risen since their debut it sucks that sones have their heads so far up their asses that they can’t appreciate it too     

(Similar confession; Why do sones (and a lot of other fandoms) try and mock groups becoming popular after having a hit song like snsd didn’t have the same situation happen to them. Snsd is great and all but don’t act like their careers would be the same with a viral song like gee)

Alright look, Twice is popular and at this point more popular than the girls because they have like 50 comebacks in one year same goes for BTS. HOWEVER, they lack concepts and fresh ideas and don’t blame it on the girls being rookies and not having a say in their music because GG was like that in the beginning too. SM may be a shit company but they can make some music and scout talent.

Sana is like the Tiffany of the new generation. A total
airhead. But still, even Tiffany seems like an intellect in comparison.

The ABC’s of Tiffany Hwang

 Girls Love + (Tiffany and her fans)

You know I tried to get into twice but I can’t because of the way some once threaten us with so many false things that they are saying when they are not true and I will say this I will never stand twice I only will stay with My ladies.